With the recent launch of new streaming service Beats Music (and its new addition to this site), we thought it a timely opportunity to highlight all the great streaming services in the marketplace today. Want background music as you work out? Or maybe as you work? Want to pick and choose the songs you listen to on your phone while running errands? Want to connect and share your musical experience and tastes with friends, family or followers (our colleague has more to say about that particular point here)?  There are services to fit every need and preference.  Don’t be afraid to hop on the streaming bandwagon – it’s easier than you think. Check out these authorized services here.

To take it a step even further, if you like streaming and you’re curious about some of 2013’s best (and highest certified) music, check out RIAA’s 2013 year-end Gold & Platinum recap here (the G&P Program now counts on-demand streams as part of its song tallies). Maybe add the year’s top digital songs to your playlist (if they’re not already there) or download the highest-certified albums. It’s all there waiting for you – what are you waiting for?