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What types of music services are included on this site?

The services listed on this site are directed to consumers and offered online or via a mobile carrier. The list does not include other types of music uses such as: business-to-business services and backend providers, jukeboxes, kiosks, branding, promotional or reward program music uses, music or artist reference sites, or individual artist sites/stores.

Inclusion on this web site does not imply anything about a service’s status with respect to music publishers.

How did you put together the list of services on this website?

Music services are listed on this website if they have an agreement with at least one of the three major record companies in the United States. A service will be listed even if it does not have agreements with all three major record companies so long as the service, to the best of our knowledge, is not using the copyrighted music of a major record company without authorization. However, we will not include services that, to our knowledge, pervasively advertise on sites with widespread infringement.

You might be asking “why only the major record companies” or “do these services also offer independent music?” The short answer is that virtually all authorized music services that offer music from the major labels also offer content owned by the independent labels. This makes the list at whymusicmatters.com very broad. If you work for a music service that you’d like added to this site, please contact us at info@whymusicmatters.com.


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