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Whymusicmatters.com was developed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Music Business Association (Music Biz) as a resource for music fans about the many authorized digital music models and services in today's marketplace.


We can appreciate that with so many options for enjoying music online also come questions about which services are properly authorized. That’s why we developed this website. Each service listed has been authorized by one or more of the major records companies, and artists, music labels, and the many other individuals involved in the music chain are being compensated. After all, when creators can earn a return on their work, they have the means to continue making the music that matters to all of us.

We also know that fans often want information on the functionality offered by today’s digital services. This site helps to answer those questions and many more. Think of it as a one-stop shopping guide of valuable information for choosing where to access music online.

If you have more questions, please check out our FAQ. It provides information about how the services on this site were selected and answers to many commonly asked questions about digital music today.

Digital music is more exciting than ever. Happy surfing.


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